Seminar Objectives

  1. Engage in current issues and matters related to Islamic studies, Linguistics, Literature and Culture, History and Politics, Economics and Entrepreneurship as well as other related fields.
  2. Creating a platform for scholars to publish papers in journals, proceedings and chapters in books in the field of Malay language, literature and culture as well as other related fields.

Main Theme

Preservation and Empowerment of Malaysian Community Identity

Sub-themes (English/Malay language)

  • Islamic Studies
    o Islamic Civilization
    o Revelation Science
    o Islamic Thought and Philosophy
    o Islam and Other Religions
    o Biography of Muslim Scholars
    o Ethics and Morals
    o Civilization and New Media
  • Linguistics, Literature and Culture
    o Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics
    o Semantic and Pragmatic
    o Dialectology
    o Oral Literature and Tradition
    o Translation and Culture
  • History and Nationality
    o Nation State
    o Economy
    o Politics
    o Social
  • Civilization
    o Ethnicity and Plural Society
    o Sociology and Anthropology
    o Ethnic Relations
    o Demographics
    o Multi-ethnic Society
    o Religion and Ethnicity
  • Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management
    o Micro and Macro Economics
    o Human Resource Management
    o Marketing
    o Ethics and Law
    o Management and Development of Entrepreneurship
    o Operations Management
    o Tourism Management
  • Technology
    o Technopreneur
    o Digitization
    o Media

Important Dates

Deadline for full paper 19 August 2023
Conference date  19 September 2023

Publication Opportunities

  1. Will be published in Mycite e-journal and e-proceedings including e-certificates
  2. Selected papers will be published in Scopus (additional fees will apply depending on the Scopus publisher)
  3. All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another conference or journal